Tiger Cub Born At Philadelphia Zoo Finds New HomeThe baby Amur tiger was born July 10 at the Philadelphia Zoo was the only surviving cub in the litter of five.
Baby Sumatran Orangutan Dies At Philadelphia Zoo Shortly After Being BornThe zoo announced Tuesday that the baby orangutan behaved normally through the afternoon and early evening after it was born on Sunday, but died overnight.
Philly Zoo's Newest Baby Gorilla Gets A NameA Western lowland gorilla born in early June at the Philadelphia Zoo now has a name. The little guy's mother actually picked the name on Wednesday.
Philadelphia Zoo Gorilla Gives Birth To Healthy Baby After Difficult LaborIt wasn't your typical birth as human doctors assisted veterinarians to deliver a baby gorilla at the Philadelphia zoo.
Glenn Mills Elementary Students Learn Life Lessons From MetamorphosisThe metamorphosis of tadpoles is teaching kids life lessons at an elementary school in Glenn Mills.
Philadelphia Zoo Celebrates Animal Moms And Their BabiesMother's Day is right around the corner and it's a special time at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Philly Zoo Partners With St. Christopher's Hospital To Offer Nursing Suite To Moms Visiting ZooThe mother's nursing suite is more of a booth.
Philadelphia Zoo Holds Annual Rabbit Run To Help Fight Parkinson's DiseaseKicking off Saturday morning with a happy – and hoppy - 5K, runners laced up for the 4th annual Philly Rabbit Run at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Philadelphia Zoo Looks For Teen Volunteers For Upcoming Summer ProgramZooCREW or Zoo Champions for Restoring Endangered Wildlife has been a volunteer program at the Philadelphia Zoo since 2006.
Birthday Extravaganza: Philly Zoo's Gorilla Baby 'Amani' Turns 6 Months OldIt's a birthday extravaganza at the Philadelphia Zoo!
Birthday Celebration Also Raises Awareness At Philly ZooA birthday party at the Philadelphia Zoo was raising awareness for endangered species, and simple ways we can all help to save their lives.
Philly Zoo Announces Death Of 28-Year-Old Aardvark, Oldest In U.S.The Zoo announced that AJ, a beloved male aardvark, passed away due to heart failure.
Gorilla At Philadelphia Zoo Pregnant, Due In Early SummerThe zoo says Kira's pregnancy was confirmed with an over-the-counter home pregnancy test, the same type used by humans.
Zoo Euthanizes 25-Year-Old Lion, Believed To Be Oldest In USAn African lion believed to be the oldest held in an American zoo has been euthanized.
Special BEARthday Celebration At Philadelphia ZooVisitors and staff sang happy birthday to Kayla -- the four-year-old Sloth bear.