Philadelphia Inmates To Grow Produce While Learning HorticultureThe Philadelphia Prison System project will give prisoners -- or, as Mayor Michael Nutter refers to them, clients -- the green jobs training and skills they need to reenter society one day.
Nutter Administration Sees Medical Coverage For Former Prisoners a Key To Lower CrimeThis initiative could come to Pennsylvania if Gov. Corbett's "Healthy Pennsylvania" plan is approved.
Phila. Lawmakers Say Prison Health Care Contractor Needs More ScrutinyPhiladelphia City Council members are up in arms over the mayor's decision to renew a huge contract for prison health care to a company that was recently forced to pay nearly $2 million to settle the city's fraud claim.
Lawsuit Rekindled Over Philadelphia Prison CrowdingCivil rights attorney David Rudovsky says Philadelphia's prison population has jumped by more than 2,000 in the past year and a half.
Recent Suicides At Philadelphia Prisons Prompt Concerns By Civil Rights AttorneyThree suicides and one attempted suicide in the past week in the Philadelphia prison system are prompting a probe by a local civil rights attorney.
Philadelphia Program Pairs Model Prisoners With Dogs In Need of TrainingThe Philadelphia Prison System has welcomed some more arrivals. But they're happy to be there -- and wagging their tails.
Man Mistakenly Released From Philly Prison Remains At LargeThe Philadelphia Prison System is looking for 21-year-old Shamir Robinson of Nicetown after he was mistakenly released from prison in a paperwork foul-up.