Singer's Attorney Hopes Post-Trial Motions Can Turn Around City Commissioner's Ballot HopesThis morning, a judge was poised to remove Stephanie Singer from the May 19th Democratic primary ballot, subject to post-trial motions from her attorney.
Philadelphia's Top Election Official May Get Tossed From May 19th Primary BallotStephanie Singer is being challenged in her re-election bid over her petition signatures.
Dennis Lee, Candidate for Philadelphia City Commissioner, Knocked Off BallotA judge said his nominating petitions and a financial disclosure form were defective.
City Commissioner Who Hasn't Voted in 3 Years: 'It's Personal' "I have made a choice and that's my private choice," said Anthony Clark, chairman of the panel that oversees Philadelphia's election process. "Thank you very much."
Report: Philadelphia Election Official Hasn't Voted in YearsThe head of the election watchdog group Committee of 70 reacts: "One would assume that the person who runs local elections would be the first in line to vote. ... I think it sends a very poor message to city voters."
City Election Official Hears Complaints of Dirty Tricks on Recent Primary DayThe hearing was hosted by city commissioner Stephanie Singer without approval of the City Commissioners' office, the body responsible for conducting elections in the City of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Controller Says Poll Workers Need Better Pay, More Training City controller Alan Butkovitz says 40 percent of the 27,000 provisional ballots issued in Philadelphia were due to poll worker mistakes or printing errors.
Nearly 20,000 Eligible 'Provisional' Ballots Cast in Philadelphia in November, Report FindsA staff report found that more than 7,600 ballots were disqualified from the count because, in the majority of cases, they were cast by people who were not registered to vote.
Singer Ousted By Colleagues as Chair of Philadelphia City CommissionersIt was a coup by two of the three commissioners, making themselves co-chairmen of the panel.
Philadelphia Election Commissioners Nailing Down Final Details For Tuesday's VoteThe Philadelphia City Commission held its final pre-election meeting on Friday morning to discuss final preparations for Tuesday's general election.
Philadelphia Officials Say City Will Be Ready For Tuesday's ElectionsPhiladelphia elections officials insist they'll be ready to go for the presidential election come Tuesday, despite the two days lost to Hurricane Sandy.