Nutter Says 'Time Has Come' For Phila. City Council Action on Proposed Sale of PGWCity Council president Darrell Clarke says his staff's internal review should be concluded by next week.
Philadelphia's Revised 5-Year Budget Gets OK Despite Wage Tax DustupThe controversy came as the mayor backed off slightly on plans to cut the city wage tax.
Phila. City Controller Stands By 311 Call Center Accusations"The most egregious problem ... is the approximately $160,000 overtime in 311 for the period studied," he said, adding, "They're working in a secret VIP call center that doesn't comply with what the job description says."
Nutter Settles Long Contract Standoff with City's Blue-Collar WorkersThe Nutter administration has struck a new, seven-year deal with the city's largest municipal workers' union, District Council 33, in a contract dispute that has dragged on since 2009.
With Misgivings, State Overseers OK Philadelphia's Five-Year BudgetThe head of the PICA board told the mayor's finance director that he'd like to see the city do more belt-tightening in order to start a rainy day fund.
Philadelphia Politicians Hopeful As Pa. Senate Prepares to Vote on Cigarette Tax"While there has been a lot of backslapping and clapping and 'We finally got it done,' we have not gotten it done," warns state senator Anthony Williams (at left in photo).
Nutter Weighing City Council's Bill to Decriminalize Small Amounts of PotThe bill's sponsor, Councilman Jim Kenney, estimates that the new marijuana policy could save the police department and the courts $4 million a year.
Philadelphia Lawmakers Advance Plan To Borrow $27M For City SchoolsBut the lawmakers voiced frustration at how the school district conducts its business.
City Councilman Claims Mayor Nutter's Proposed Budget Is Far From LeanCouncilman-at-large David Oh says there are plenty of dimes and nickels tucked away in corners of Mayor Michael Nutter's budget proposal.
Lawmakers Add a 'Plan B' To Philadelphia Schools Funding Measure City Council president Darrell Clarke has decided to play it safe, adding a fallback provision to his plan to send sales tax proceeds to the cash-starved school district.
Community College of Phila. Asks For More Funding To Avert Tuition HikeStudents at the Community College of Philadelphia face a possible tuition increase next fall unless the city and the state chip in more.
Philadelphia Public School Principals Plead Budget Case To Councilmembers"Schools are not okay the way they are," says Cindy Farlino, principal of the Meredith School, in Queen Village. "They opened, and our kids came, but they are <u>not</u> okay."
Group Wants Continuation of Phila. Sales Tax Hike to Fill School Funding GapA coaltion of organizations wants City Council to approve a one-percent sales tax extension and use all of the proceeds -- about $120 million -- for the Philadelphia schools.
Unions Disrupt Traffic But Not Mayor Nutter As Contract Battles Drag OnMembers of labor unions representing various groups of Philadelphia municipal workers marched around City Hall both before and after Mayor Nutter's budget address, to push their concerns.
Mayor Nutter's Next Budget Leaves Many Questions UnansweredNutter boasted that his $4+ billion spending plan includes no tax increases, but he warned that something must be done to meet the school district's latest request for an additional $75 million in city funding.