High School Dropout Rates Hit Record LowThe national dropout rate reached a record low last year.
What Do Women Want In A Life Long Mate? Survey Says A Steady JobSeventy-eight percent of women who have never married say solid employment is very important to them in choosing a spouse or partner.
Survey Finds Social Media May Discourage Free Expression When It Comes To Controversial SubjectsA new study finds social media may discourage free expression, rather than encourage it, when it comes to controversial subjects, even offline.
College Degree Does Sweeten The PaycheckWhen workers are categorized by educational attainment, the proportion of workers with college degrees has risen.
On Facebook's 10th Birthday, 'Oversharing' And Photo-posting Without Permission Are Top GripesThe social media giant is celebrating ten years of friend requests from total strangers, mundane status updates and the ever-infuriating “poke.”
Poll: Fewer Americans Identify As Middle ClassThe number of Americans who say they’re middle class has dropped drastically in recent years.
Report: Majority Of Americans Still Prefer Books Over E-ReadersIf you opt for the feel of a book in your hands over an e-reader, you’re still in the majority, a new reports says.
Christie Reputation Damaged Only A Little By Bridge Scandal, Polls IndicateBottom line: his image has been dinged but not totaled.
Survey: It's Great To Be The Boss You’re not imagining it: Your boss is probably happier than you are.
Survey: Twitter Users Tend To Be Young, Mobile And EducatedWhile only a small percentage of U.S. adults get their news from Twitter, those that do tend to be young, mobile and well-educated.
New Study Shows Fewer Gen Y Members Getting MarriedDoes it seem as though members of the Gen Y population are not marrying at the rate of their predecessors? It's not your imagination. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that just 20% of of this generation, ages 18-34, are married.