New Poll Finds More Philadelphians Down On City, Down On NutterThe new public opinion poll finds that a growing number of Philadelphians are pessimistic about the city's prospects, and a growing number disapprove of Mayor Nutter's job performance.
Public Opinion of Philadelphia Schools at 5-Year Low, Survey FindsThe new poll by the Pew Charitable Trusts reports that only 18 percent of respondents think Philadelphia schools are going a "good" or "excellent" job.
Pew Study: Residential Property Owners Will Pay Bigger Chunk Of Taxes Under AVIThe Pew analysis of the new assessments finds that the percentage of property taxes borne by individual homeowners compared to other owners will go from about 54 percent under the old system to about 60 percent under AVI.
Property, Wages, or...? Stakeholders Argue Philadelphia's Tax PolicyThe discussion, titled "Philadelphia Taxes -- Past, Present and Future." was organized by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Temple University's Center on Regional Politics.
Community Forum Discusses Alternative Uses For Germantown High School BuildingThe historic school is one of nearly two dozen Philadelphia public schools slated to close at the end of the academic term.
Philadelphia a Bargain? Local Tax Study Says... MaybeA new study released by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds that Philadelphia is becoming more competitive in terms of local taxes when compared to the suburbs.
New Poll Says Philadelphians Concerned About Tax Hikes Yet Eager For ServicesPoll director Larry Eichel doesn't see those findings -- a desire to lower taxes and yet preserve services -- as contradictory.
Opinion Survey Gives Mayor Nutter High Marks, Except in Fighting CrimeThe poll by the research arm of the Pew Charitable Trusts is the fourth annual survey of city residents' outlook on the present and future state of the city.
Study Says Reorganization of Philadelphia's Employment Efforts Was Sorely NeededA new study finds that the taxpayer-funded system to connect Philadelphia employers with workers seeking jobs has been delivering only mediocre results, but help may be on the way.
Survey: Whites, More Than Blacks, Trust Philadelphia Police ProceduresThe poll found the public's respect overall for police is high, but racial or ethnic group, income, and race also played a role in the answers.
<em>Study: </em> Philly's City Council Gets Most Time OffThe report by the research arm of the Pew Charitable Trusts compared the 17-member Philadelphia City Council with those in 14 other major cities.