Cats And Dogs - Peaceful CoexistenceAs many of us have witnessed firsthand living with them side by side, despite what their DNA has bestowed on them, many dogs and cats can certainly coexist in an extremely peaceful way.
Canine Massage TherapyA dog should always learn new techniques, commands or new behaviors only in a calm and relaxed state. Massage therapy helps.
Curbing Canine Begging BehaviorIt’s a familiar sight as the family dog goes around the dinner table looking for a quick treat. But do your dog a favor and resist the potentially unhealthy behavior.
Why Dogs DigMany dogs tend to dig which may appear as destructive behavior, especially if it occurs on your lawn or in your garden. But remember, your dog is never doing this out of spite or anger.
Aggressive Behavior In CatsWhen cats perceive fear, a form of aggressive behavior can ultimately follow but there may be other reasons for feline aggression as well.
Scooting BehaviorYou may have seen your dog scooting around the floor. It may even have seemed comical at times. But it shouldn’t be taken so lightly.
Getting Your Dog Used To A Car RideA car can be a scary, confining place for your dog initially with too much sound and movement. Recondition that experience and make it fun for your dog.
Hyperactivity In DogsJust as in people, dogs have varying energy levels, whether it’s low, medium or high. However, hyperactivity is a different thing.
Puppy Nipping BehaviorPuppies are adorable but the nipping and teething, which are perfectly normal behaviors, can become a bit of a problem.
Avoiding Feline AggressionCats love to play. However, sometimes some forms of social play can be misinterpreted as aggression.