Dry Summer Means More Watering Before WinterAnything newly-planted this year - including trees, shrubs, and perennials - needs regular deep watering until they can grow long roots.
Flower Show Drama: More Is BetterTo replicate a lot of that Flower Show drama, plant many more of the same thing. Don’t plant just one or two when 10 will do just as nicely.
Putting Plantings Away For WinterThe only annuals I still have outside are those stuck in containers that I keep out all year. The others, I've finally 'put to bed'.
Plan Your PlantingsThinking ahead is a skill worth developing before you plant anything more than an annual - trees, shrubs or perennials - that you want to enjoy for years to come.
Splattered Plants Should Serve As A ReminderSo, that's why they say to pinch back plants by the Fourth of July! Because if you don't - they can open up in the middle like an elephant sat on them.
A Bloomin' Good Reason To DeadheadThe dead of summer is the season of deadheading - that's the habit of taking off the old flowers from an annual, perennial or shrub as they wither. Why bother?
Monarda Is No Sweat In SummerOne of our prettiest, easiest-to-grow summer flowers is Monarda, also known as Bee Balm, an American perennial, native to our area.
Time For PlantingThe hopeful time before the gardening season really gets started is one of the best parts - planning things out in your head. But now it's time to stop planning and start planting!
Patriotic PlantingsPlanting a flag of flowers for Memorial Day weekend gives you a great display for all our patriotic holidays through the summer.
Not Too Late For Plant SalesSay, are there any more of those cool little plant sales going on this weekend? Why, yes, there are!
Salvaging Your Garden After The StormWhere do you start? After a big storm, downed trees obviously need your attention, but what about your garden?