Industry Experts Testify at Phila. City Council Hearing on Deadly Building CollapseCommittee members got an education on best practices and standards from leading local experts in the field.
Head Of Philly Construction & Trades Council: Unions Alerted L&I About Dangerous Situation At Demolition SiteFollowing a deadly building collapse in Center City, Pat Gillespie, the head of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, told WPHT's Dom Giordano that the unions alerted L&I about the building before it fell.
Head Of Philadelphia Trade Unions Supports Convention Center Privatization InquiryPat Gillespie, head of the Building Trades Council, representing unions at the center, has a seat on the board and supports a look at potentially privatizing the center's management.
Part 3: Jobs & The EconomyThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 totaled $787 billion, split about equally among tax cuts, payments to and for individuals, and public works.
Unionized Workers Ask 'Occupy Philly' Camp To Make Way For Their ProjectThe Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council is formally asking the occupiers to move off Dilworth Plaza because, it says, its members desperately need the work that a planned plaza reconstruction project would bring.
New Report Increases Tension Between Pennsylvania Convention Center And Its UnionsA new report about the Pennsylvania Convention Center’s operations is adding fuel to tensions between the Center and the unions that work there.