Children Understand Parents' Need To DisciplineWhen it comes to parents disciplining their kids, there needs to be balance.
Have A Happy - And Safe - HolidayI just want to take a moment to make you aware of holiday safety.
New Jersey Lawmakers May Take Up Issue Of Parents Paying For College TuitionTwo New Jersey lawmakers are weighing new legislation in reaction to a case that has sparked outrage over the role of courts and the rights of divorced parents.
Chore Hero AppGetting kids to do their chores isn't an easy task, but it can be a bit less difficult if you make a game of it. Chore Hero is an app designed to do just that.
Bedwetting Not Uncommon Among ChildrenBedwetting affects five to seven million children in the US and about ten percent of all 7-year-olds.
BabyCenter Releases List Of The Most Popular Names Of 2014Parents-to-be will want to take a look at this list.
Don't Ignore 'Growing Pains'We don’t think of musculoskeletal pain in children but it occurs more commonly than you would think. Don't ignore it.
Placebo May Be Effective Treatment For Childhood CoughNow a report from the journal <em>Pediatrics</em> suggests the placebo effect could have a real impact with a common childhood problem - the cough.
Ustyme AppUstyme is a video call app that lets families read over 200 books and play games - even when they're in different parts of the country.
Parent Responsibility For Teen Drinking PartyCan parents get arrested or sued for their teen’s beer party if they weren’t home?
Let The Grandparents Watch The KidsA Johns Hopkins study done four years ago found that grandparents watching children actually reduces the incidence of injury by 50% or more.
Allowances, Kids Love It And Parents Often Forget To Hand It Out—Now There’s An App For That!Multi-tasking parents who might struggle to remember to give their children their allowance can rejoice! There's an app to help!
Chore-Inator AppAny parent can tell you that getting your kids to do their chores is a Herculean task. Chore-inator attempts to lend a hand.
Author Updates Guide To Having Drug-Free Kids Because He Says Dangers And Lures Have ChangedThe ravages of drug addiction are well-known but it can be a tough fight for parents to keep their kids out of that risky pursuit. A book offers a little bit of prevention instead of the need for a cure.
Bunk Bed Injuries Send Thousands Of Children To The HospitalInjuries from bunk beds send an estimated 36,000 Americans aged 21 and under to the emergency room each year.