More Talkative Dads Benefit Children's LiteracyResearch indicates that more talkative dads are a benefit to their children - beyond just language heard from mothers.
5 Tax Breaks New Parents Should Know AboutTax breaks can make raising children a little more affordable.
Let Your Kids PlayWith parents more involved in guiding their kids, there's a temptation for parents to get over-involved in their children's sports and provide pressure.
Anna Giving BirthWhen it comes to Anna Giving Birth… my suggestion not get this app under any circumstances.
More Pressure During The Fragile Teen YearsSome say that this generation of teens is having a greater struggle than previous generations because of increased exposure to adult issues.
Tasty Medication Poses Risk For ChildrenIf medications taste good, they could be a temptation to kids.
Laws Limit Leaving Kids AloneLegally, how young is too young to let a kid walk home alone?
When Students Are GrievingTeachers, who spend every day with children, often interact with grieving students. Now there are resources.
Endless Alphabet AppEndless Alphabet is a fun way for kids to not only learn their ABCs, but to begin learning words on sight.
My Talking Angela AppYou've probably seen the Talking Tom app if you have kids. My Talking Angela builds on that, in a way that is geared to young girls.
Common Household Cleaning Products Pose Risk To Children And PetsThe US Department of Health and Human Services thinks that it is a big enough problem that they have listed safety tips for household products.
Parents Should Limit Young Children's Time Spent On Mobile DevicesResearch indicates parents should limit the time preschool-aged children spend on mobile devices or using interactive media.
Children Understand Parents' Need To DisciplineWhen it comes to parents disciplining their kids, there needs to be balance.
Have A Happy - And Safe - HolidayI just want to take a moment to make you aware of holiday safety.
Children's Animated Films More Frightening Than Adult MoviesA recent study found risk of on-screen death was 2.5 times higher in children’s animated films than the grown-up ones.