Health: New Study Underway Training Dogs To Detect Deadly Form Of CancerThe smell of cancer, that only a dog can detect. There's groundbreaking new research starting here in Philadelphia that could help save lives. It's an CBS 3 Eyewitness News exclusive. Only Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl was there as the new study got underway.
A Relationship Between Traffic-Related Pollution And CancerWe know that air pollution can cause health problems like increased rates of asthma and even more serious lung issues but now researchers at UCLA say there could be bigger problems.
Montco Man Sets Out On Walk Across U.S. To Raise Money For Ovarian CancerDave Brown’s wife, Joan, succumbed to the disease a year and a half ago.
Early Menopause Possibly Linked To Certain BRCA Gene MutationsThese are the genes that are associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
High Heel Race To Benefit The Melanie Finley Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Pelvic Inflammatory DiseasePelvic inflammatory disease, or infections in the vagina and cervix that spread to the ovaries and uterus, need rapid attention and embarrassment in front of your doctor cannot be a barrier to getting treated.
Environmental Influence On EpigeneticsThe environment your ancestors lived in and the different chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides they were exposed to could affect a woman’s ovaries.
Rollman Ovarian Cancer CenterLisa Loonstyn is battling ovarian cancer for the second time--at the age of 23.
Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Gives Patients HopeHope. That’s what local doctors are giving to some women diagnosed with a deadly cancer.
Lovely Weather For 7th Annual Ovarian Cancer Walk In PhiladelphiaOrganizers are hoping for a good turnout for the 7th annual 5K walk and run for ovarian cancer research and education.
Woman Hosting Fundraiser For Ovarian Cancer Patients At Union League in Philadelphia"We receive applications from women on a daily basis who need help with their financial bills." host and cancer survivor Melanie Finley explains.