Brief Evacuation At West Philadelphia SchoolAuthorities are investigating the cause of the odor, but determined the building is safe to start the school day.
PECO Finds No Problems With Gas System, Source Of Odor Still UnknownPECO is continuing it's investigation into the cause of a gas odor reported in several nearby counties.
Officials Say Gasoline Fumes Caused Scare in Skippack NeighborhoodFire officials say they don’t know -- and may never know -- how the gasoline got into the groundwater.
Crews Respond To HAZMAT Situation In New Castle CountyCrews figured out that the odor was coming from an old refrigerant system that was leaking in the basement of a building.
Ocean County Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Neighbor With Samurai Sword A man whose apartment apparently reeked of urine and feces was arrested after he threatened a complaining neighbor with a samurai sword.
Lingering Odor Concerns Some Paulsboro ResidentsA bit of a cloud lingers in Paulsboro, New Jersey following the train derailment in November that caused the release of toxic vinyl chloride. It's called fear, and it prompted numerous residents to call 911 about an odor that started Monday night and lingered in the air on Tuesday.
Authorities Probe Source Of Noxious Odor At Frankford Elementary SchoolFirefighters have cleared an elementary school in Northeast Philadelphia after a noxious odor was detected inside the school early Thursday morning. As a precaution, students were evacuated and taken to a nearby school.