Protesters: 'Occupy Philadelphia' Arrests Were UnnecessaryProtesters who spoke with Eyewitness News claim many of the 52 'Occupy Philadelphia' protesters who were arrested Wednesday morning, were taken into custody unnecessarily.
Another Day Of Post-Eviction Occupy PhillyTwo days after the city's deadline passed for Occupy Philly protestors to get out of Dilworth Plaza, the ranks have thinned but dozens of tents still remain with only a light police presence.
Occupy Philly Protesters Arrested At Center City Bank Sit-InPolice have arrested about a dozen members of the Occupy Philadelphia movement who were protesting at a bank downtown.
'Occupy Philly' Protesters' Attempt To Move Camp Rebuffed By PoliceThe 'Occupy Philly' Protesters are attempting to move their camp from Dilworth Plaza outside of City Hall to Thomas Payne Plaza, which is outside of the Municipal Services Building.
City Tells Philly Protesters To Leave Plaza City officials have posted notices in the Occupy Philadelphia encampment, telling the protestors they must move from Dilworth Plaza, on the west side of City Hall.
With Construction Project Looming, What's Next For 'Occupy Philly'?Those involved with the Occupy Philly movement are still camping out in front of City Hall. But with a construction project scheduled for Dilworth Plaza, what will happen to the protesters?
Police Probing Discovery Of Human Feces, Graffiti Near ‘Occupy Philly’ Tent CityPolice are investigating the discovery of graffiti and human feces that was found near the “Occupy Philadelphia” protests.
'Occupy Philadelphia' Stakes Out Independence MallSome members of the "Occupy Philadelphia" protest group have pitched a tent on federal ground, along Independence Mall, in clear view of tourists visiting the historic district.
Occupy Philly Reacts To Occupy Wall Street RaidThe Occupy Philly protestors reacted to news of a raid on the original Occupy Wall Street camp in New York.
10 ‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters Arrested After March On Comcast CenterNine “Occupy Philly” protestors were arrested Wednesday afternoon after entering the Comcast Center and refusing to leave.
Occupy Philadelphia Weathers The StormOccupiers say they hunkered down during the snow and freezing rain, clearing the tarps and tents to keep them from collapsing. But, with the cold, the group is asking for donations of hats, scarves, coats and socks.