Part 4: Politics & The EconomyThe economy seems stalled, and at least one expert thinks it will likely stay that way for a while.
Philadelphia Begins Cleanup, Gingerly, Of 'Occupied' City Hall ApronCrews from the city's Department of Streets were beginning to dispose of pallets and trash from the encampment even as many protesters remained at the site.
Some 'Occupy Philly' Campers Say Protest Group Is Too SplinteredSome members of "Occupy Philadelphia" are concerned about the group’s future.
Occupy Philadelphia Tries To Unify Its Splintered GovernanceAn effort is underway among "Occupy Philadelphia" members to improve unity among the various working groups within the camp, so its message can be conveyed in a peaceful and effective manner.
Dozens Of 'Occupy Philly' Protesters Arrested Following March From City Hall To 30th Street BridgeOrganizers say the rally and march is part of the National Day of Action with the Unemployed.
'Occupy Philly' Protesters Briefly Disrupt City Council MeetingAbout 40-50 members stood and shouted for about ten minutes just as Council president Anna Verna was about to begin the meeting.
Independence Mall 'Occupier' Fined $125 For Sleeping On The JobOccupy Philadelphia obtained a demonstration permit, which prohibits sleeping at the site.
Philadelphia's Tea Party Association Uses Social Media To Respond To 'Occupy' Protests The Independence Hall Tea Party Association says the group has created a coalition it calls Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America. And, it started a Facebook page to try to sort out the truth.
'Occupy Philly' Costing Police Dept. $33,000 A Day In OvertimeThe "Occupy Philadelphia" protest at City Hall was in its sixth day on Tuesday, with several hundred protesters camping out on Dilworth Plaza.
Occupy Philadelphia: Day FiveIt’s day five of the protests and tents remain set up outside City Hall.