Who Has The Nation's Best Health Care? Study Reveals State RankingsThe non-profit health care advocacy group, The Commonwealth Fund, released a state-by-state scorecard on May 3 which looks at each state's ability to deliver medical care to its residents.
Study: World Needs To Lose Weight To Prevent CancerA first of its kind study suggests the world needs to lose weight to prevent cancer.
Study: Childhood, Teen Obesity Has Dangerous Lasting EffectsThe study in the journal "Lancet" also says obese children tend to be overweight as adults.
Study: Weight Loss Saves Obese Adults Nearly $30,000A new study suggests that obese adults can save thousands of dollars in direct medical costs and productivity losses throughout their lifetime via weight loss.
New Device Helps People Struggling To Fight Obesity, DiabetesIt’s kind of like bypass surgery without the operation.
'Fat But Fit' Still Has Higher Risk Of Heart Disease, Study ConfirmsCarrying those extra pounds can increase risk of coronary heart disease by up to 28% even if your other results appear normal
Study: More Than 2 Billion People Worldwide ObeseObesity is skyrocketing in rich and poor nations around the world and it’s affecting both adults and children.
Children Of Obese Parents At Risk Of Developmental Delays, Says StudyBeing overweight may impact not only your health but your future child's development as well, a new study suggests.
Study: Chubby Babies On The DeclineThe report is in Tuesdays' edition of Pediatrics.
Obesity Increases In U.S Women, Study FindsThere doesn't appear to be much headway being made in the battle to curb obesity in the United States, according to a pair of studies.
School Board Member Says Sugar Tax Paying Dividends In Berkeley, CAJosh Daniels, a school board member in Berkeley, California, praised the benefits of the city's sugar tax, which is similar to the one proposed in Mayor Jim Kenney's first budget.