3 South Jersey Nursing Homes Owned By Catholic Diocese Of Camden Up For SaleThe Catholic Diocese of Camden is planning to sell three nursing home facilities it operates in South Jersey.
Nursing Home Contract May Be Costly To 'Responsible' Family MembersFederal law prohibits a nursing home from requiring a third party to guarantee payment as a condition of a resident's admission. Don't be tricked.
Catholic Diocese Of Camden Calls On Experts To Help Plan The Future Of Operating Nursing HomesFaced with major changes in how the government reimburses nursing homes for caring for the poor, the Catholic Diocese of Camden has appointed a 12 member panel of experts to come up with plans for the future.
PA Nursing Homes: “We’re On Brink Of Financial Collapse”Nursing homes in Pennsylvania are sounding the alarm that they are on a path toward fiscal ruin.
Philadelphia Archdiocese Considers Selling Nursing HomesThe Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia is considering selling its six nursing home properties and outsourcing maintenance of its 11 cemeteries in the midst of a budget shortfall.
Treating Dementia Is Most CostlyWhen it comes to health care, you might think that heart disease or cancer cost the most. In actuality, the most expensive condition to treat is dementia.
Considering Long Term Care InsuranceLong term care policies are far from standard, and they differ in significant ways. Here are some critical considerations.
Legal Protections For Long Term CareThere are laws to protect seniors from the harm that can occur at long term care facilities. And, every state has an Ombudsman who can help.
3 Local Nursing Homes Awarded For Excellent ServiceState Department of Health spokeswoman Holli Senior says too often facilities are mentioned when they do something wrong and are rarely praised for doing things correctly.