South Jersey Couple's Cruise Cut Short For Second Time By NorovirusA South Jersey couple is trying to de-stress at their summer cottage after a cruise that was actually their second dose of disaster.
Can One Sick Employee Infect An Entire Workplace?Do employees who come to work with a cold do more harm than good? According to a study, the answer is usually yes.
Prevent Spreading Germs This WinterI’m sure you have noticed how easily infections seem to spread in schools. Here's an easy tip to minimize the risk of your getting sick.
UPDATE: Cruise Ship Returns To Port In NJ Following OutbreakA cruise ship on which hundreds of passengers and crew members fell ill is back in the New Jersey port it departed from last week.
Bucks County High School Closed Due To Outbreak Of NorovirusVilla Joseph Marie High School in Northampton Township is closed due to a high percentage of students and faculty with norovirus.
Sharing Computers May Sicken StudentsIllnesses, such as the norovirus, typically spread by person to person contact. Contamination of a shared computer keyboard and mouse can contribute to spreading the illness quickly through schools.
Doctor: Norovirus Quickly Spreading Among Young And Old, AlikeIt's making the rounds and it's making people miserable. It's norovirus and its victims span the ages from college campuses to long-term care facilities for the elderly as it spreads rapidly, especially among people living in close quarters.
40 Rider University Students Hospitalized In Suspected Norovirus OutbreakDozens of students at Rider University were hospitalized Wednesday night and four were taken to the hospital on Thursday, suffering from a gastrointestinal illness.