New Jersey Tries Another Tack To Gain Sports BettingThis time, New Jersey lawmakers see a loophole, planning to partially repeal the state ban and allow casinos and racetracks to proceed without regulation.
Gov. Christie Tells NJ Lawmakers It's Time For Action on Bail ReformNew Jersey governor Chris Christie pleaded with legislators in a special session to pass a bail reform package immediately.
Gov. Christie Demands Quick Legislative Action on Bail ReformThe changes would make it easier to release those charged with nonviolent crimes on affordable bail, while prohibiting bail for the worst offenders who could afford to get out.
NJ Senate President Tells Turnpike Authority to Lay Off Toll Collection Privatization"If they (the Turnpike Authority) want to be more efficient, they should look at reducing the amount of administration that they have, because that’s where the real salaries are," state senate president Steve Sweeney says.
NJ Legislator, Former CBS-3 Investigator, Promises 'Bridgegate' FairnessAssemblyman Paul Moriarty of Washington Township, NJ is being tapped for the joint legislative committee in part because of the time he spent as a reporter at CBS-3.
NJ Politician Steve Sweeney Will Run Embattled Phila. Ironworkers' LocalSweeney, a longtime union leader, takes over after ten members of the Philadelphia union were arrested on racketeering charges.
NJ Legislators Consider Controversial 'Common Core' Testing For SchoolsSeveral educational leaders are suggesting the state take a slower approach to reform.
Part 4: Is It Safety, or Revenue?New Jersey's trial run for red light cameras suffered a setback earlier this summer after critics charged the "yellow" was turning to "red" too fast in some cases.
Measure To Prevent ''Tanning Mommies'' Takes Legislative Step Forward in N.J.New Jersey already bars anyone under 14 from tanning salons, and requires parental consent for anyone between 14 and 17 years old.
NJ Internet Gambling Bill Approved By Senate CommitteeAn Internet gambling bill working its way through the New Jersey legislature would let Atlantic City casinos take bets from gamblers in other states and even other countries, as long as federal and state authorities agree it's legal.
Christie Visits Evesham, NJ To Push His Budget AgendaIt's Gov. Christie's 40th town meeting since taking office, and he took Democrats to task for complaining about it.