Stigall Outraged That Easter Holiday Didn't Make The NewspapersMonday morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall objected to some major metropolitan newspapers not covering Easter on their front pages yesterday.
Study: As Technology Advances, Americans Increasingly Relying On Multiple Sources For NewsAccording to a summary of the study, the findings suggest “some long-held beliefs about people relying on just a few primary sources for news are now obsolete.”
Stigall Takes The Star-Ledger To Task For Retracting Endorsement Of Gov. ChristieChris Stigall criticized the Newark Star-Ledger for apologizing for its endorsement of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie prior to his re-election last fall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Monday morning.
Judge Denies Attempt To Remove Inquirer PublisherA judge had denied an attempt to remove the publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer by one faction in the owners' group struggle at the media company.
Judge Orders Inquirer Owners' Dispute To Be Heard In PhiladelphilaAfter squaring off in the boardroom, slinging lawsuits back and forth, and making an offer to buy the other guys out, the dispute between the owners of the Inquirer will remain in Philadelphia.
Analysis: Consequences Of A World Without NewspapersThese are tough times for newspapers and nowhere is the survival battle being fought harder than in Philadelphia.
Many New Jersey Newspapers Suspend Delivery Of Print Papers, Will Publish OnlineSeveral New Jersey newspapers have suspended delivery of their Tuesday print editions due to the lingering superstorm that's caused massive flooding and power outages, but the newspapers will be published online.
Harrisburg Loses Its Daily Paper As 'Patriot-News' Goes To 3 Days a WeekPennsylvania’s capital city will soon join the ranks of other cities that no longer have a daily newspaper.
Print Editions Of ‘The Onion’ No Longer Available In PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is a little less funny these days. Print editions of the satirical newspaper “The Onion” are no longer available here.
Layoffs Enter The Picture Amidst Turmoil At Philadelphia PapersAmid the reports the papers are for sale again, comes word of more turmoil at the company that operates the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Layoffs have entered the picture.
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Debate Effectiveness Of Legal Notices In NewspapersPennsylvania lawmakers are again taking up the issue of whether to eliminate the mandate that legal notices be placed in newspapers.