‘The Ridge’ Is Important To The Rivalry Between Pennsbury, NeshaminyPennsbury has been trying to literally take The Ridge for a couple years.
Bucks County High School Offering Grief Counseling After Graduate MurderedThe bodies of Dean Finocchiaro, Tom Meo, Mark Sturgis and Jimi Tar Patrick were found last week.
Bucks County High School Coach Fired For Confronting Ref Pleads Guilty To HarassmentThe former Bucks County high school basketball coach relieved of his duties and sent back to teaching for an on-court confrontation with a referee in the final seconds of a basketball game has mailed in a harassment citation.
Neshaminy Basketball Coach Dismissed After Apparently Hitting RefThe Neshaminy High School basketball coach who apparently knocked down a referee has been dismissed from his coaching job.
Neshaminy Coach Returns To Teaching Job After Allegedly Headbutting RefereeJerry Devine has been on administrative leave from Neshaminy High School since the incident on January 5.
Basketball Coach Placed On Administrative Leave After Referee ConfrontationThe coach, who according to school records has taught in the district for 15 years, including 10 as Varsity Basketball coach, was not available for comment.
Water Main Leak Prompts Early Dismissal At Neshaminy High SchoolA water main leak prompted the early dismissal of students at a high school in Bucks County Wednesday.
Phila. City Council Honors Neshaminy Students For Controversial Stand on Racial EpithetThe Neshaminy students at the center of the national controversy were front and center in City Council chambers, honored for their decision to ban the word "Redskin" in their school paper.
Sexting Investigation At Neshaminy High SchoolNeshaminy High School officials have called in police to help investigate what they're calling "inappropriate photo texts, of a sexual nature," on several students' smart phones.
Neshaminy School Board To Vote On Paper's 'Redskin' BanThe Neshaminy School Board finally votes tonight on a policy change that prohibits editors of the high school newspaper from completely banning the word "Redskins" in its pages.
Tension Continues Over Neshaminy High School's Redskins Name The Neshaminy school board has scheduled two meetings this week to discuss student editors' refusal to print the name of the school mascot.