'Hospital Day' At Philadelphia Museum Sheds Light On Civil War SoldierThe Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War this weekend.
Prize Winning Poet Is The Guest Of Honor At Mutter Museum Exhibit OpeningThe new display called "Broken Bodies and Broken Spirits" focuses on injury, death and healing in Civil War Philadelphia.
New Exhibit, Veranda Unveiled Tonight At Mutter Museum Garden PartyPhiladelphia's landmark Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians hosts a garden party this evening, to mark some milestones.
Philadelphia's Mütter Museum Readies 3-Day Celebration of Its 150th YearPhiladelphia's enticingly creepy Mütter Museum is offering free admission on Saturday and Sunday, and special events on Monday.
Nerdy Nights: Top Events For Geeks In PhiladelphiaDive into you inner nerd (or outer, whatever your style) and explore all these thought-provoking, creative neuron-inspiring locations where nerds flock together.
Mutter Museum To Let Visitors 'Sponsor A Skull'Ever wanted your very own human skull? Now's your chance!
A Guide To Amateur Plant BreedingScience on Tap is a monthly meet-up with a short presentation by an expert followed by lively conversation. Coming up on Monday, the discussion will be 'A Guide to Amateur Plant Breeding.'
Philadelphia's Mütter Museum Gets Part of Einstein's BrainThe Mütter Museum, known throughout the world for its unusual collection of medical artifacts, has received another noteworthy item.
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