Movie Review: 'Norman'We’ve seen plenty of Richard Gere the movie star and Richard Gere the leading man down through the years. But Norman features Richard Gere the character actor.
Movie Review: 'Free Fire'If an endless parade of bullet wounds sounds like satisfying cinematic stimulation, then 'Free Fire' hits the target dead-on.
Movie Review: 'The Lost City Of Z'Now here’s a movie that takes its time. And should.
Movie Review: 'Born in China'The creatures we get to know in 'Born in China' include a panda bear and her growing cub, living a solitary life; a young golden snub-nosed monkey.
Movie Review: 'Colossal''Colossal' is an outlandishly absurdist little creature feature. Sort of.
Movie Review: 'Their Finest'A likable British romantic dramedy about the boosting of morale during World War II.
Movie Review: 'Queen of the Desert''Queen of the Desert,' is a real-life chronicle of the life and career of Gertrude Bell.
Movie Review: 'Going in Style'With four Oscars among its three stars and a fondly recalled original as its template, this remake boasts all kinds of style going in.
Movie Review: 'Gifted'Given that it’s a movie about a math prodigy, Gifted better add up. Happily, it does.
Movie Review: 'Ghost in the Shell''Ghost in the Shell' is forever stopping in its tracks to give way to a gunfight.
Movie Review: 'The Boss Baby''The Boss Baby' is “loosely based on a picture book” – now there’s a movie credit you rarely see.
Movie Review: 'The Zookeeper’s Wife'There is plenty of potentially affecting material in 'The Zookeeper’s Wife,' and yet this period drama falls a bit short in impact and memorability.

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