Movie Review: 'Split''Split' is a twisted, breathlessly absorbing psychological horror thriller with elements of the supernatural, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
Movie Review: 'Paterson''Paterson' is a week-in-the-life drama, one day at a time, about a city bus driver who writes poetry as an avocation.
Movie Review: 'Live By Night'Live by Night is an organized crime drama set in the Prohibition era.
Movie Review: 'Patriot's Day'The first commandment in making a movie about a recent real-life tragedy like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing is to demonstrate respect for the victims and heroes being depicted.
Movie Review: 'A Monster Calls'A Monster Calls is a horror fantasy set in England about coming of age and overcoming loss.
Movie Review: 'Silence'It’s about religion, but 'Silence' pulsates with violence.
Movie Review: 'Hidden Figures'Space, race, and the space race.
Movie Review: 'Why Him?'It’s every overprotective dad’s knee-jerk question, sometimes spoken, more often merely thought.
Movie Review: PassengersAs holiday gifts from the movie world go, Passengers is sensationally wrapped. It’s what’s inside that’s problematic.
Movie Review: 'Fences'For anyone who criticizes the movie version of 'Fences' for remaining too much like the play it started out as, the apt rejoinder would be that that’s actually one of its chief pleasures.
Movie Review: 'Sing''Sing' is a family-friendly holiday movie that might just as easily have been titled Singing.
Movie Review: 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'Not only is the Force still with us, it’s growing.

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