The Dangers Of GlaucomaThe medical term is glaucoma, but many people think of it as high blood pressure in the eye.
Report: There Is Correlation Between Your Health, Your MarriageNow a new report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests that there are pros and cons to being married.
Report Says Your Psoriasis Could Be Raising Your Risk Of A Heart AttackAccording to the authors of the study this could have any impact similar to that of smoking cigarettes.
Study: Being Youngest In Your Class Could Raise Mental Risk FactorsAccording to a report in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, it is a disadvantage to be younger.
Study: How Smiling Can Actually Help Improve Your HealthSeveral medical studies have shown that this isn't just a good technique to get along with other people but actually a wonderful way to improve your health.
Report Looks At Student's Level Of Empathy Throughout Medical SchoolNow there is a new report that says that one of the most important measures of empathy is called cognitive empathy.
Understanding Sepsis, What Is Being Done To Find It SoonerSepsis can be described as a constellation of symptoms associated with an overwhelming infection in the bloodstream that can lead to damage and vital organs.
WHI Examines Use Of Hormone Treatments During MenopauseThe WHI has had dramatic effects in the past 20 years with the research focusing on the use of hormones after menopause.
FDA Discusses New Plan To Tackle Smoking In United StatesAccording to the F.D.A. there are 480,000 annual tobacco related deaths in the United States each year.
Report: United States Sees Increase In Suicide Attempts Among AdultsPerhaps even more alarming is the fact that it has disproportionately affected younger adults who have less formal education.
From Paper To High-Tech: Remembering Last Ten Years In US HealthcareBelieve it or not it's been over ten years since the National Academy of Medicine took a serious look at what was mostly a paper based health system.
Palliative Care Growing In PopularityThe specialty of palliative care is growing for a number of reasons.
The Relationship Between Couples And BMIMany say that as couples grow together, they often become more alike.
Asthma And AntibioticsWhen children or adults suffer an asthma attack, there are usually two key factors at play.
Sitting Is The New SmokingThere is no doubt that it is important to exercise throughout the day and to reduce the amount of time that you sit.