'Doing Nothing Is Not Going To Accomplish Anything': Philadelphia Union's Alejandro Bedoya Doubles Down On Call To End Gun ViolenceAfter scoring during Sunday night's game, Bedoya ran over to a field microphone and yelled “Hey Congress, do something now. End gun violence. Let’s go." 
President Trump, Politicians Blame Weekend Mass Shootings On Violent Video Games Despite No Research Supporting LinkSo far, researchers haven't found a link between video games and violent behavior.
'The World Lost A Great Person': Friends Remember Local Woman Killed In Dayton Mass ShootingNicole Warren-Curtis, who attended high school in Wilmington, was one of 9 people killed in the shooting.
'We Never Assume They Can't Happen Here': Philadelphia Police Remain Proactive After Mass ShootingsCommissioner Ross says there are no known threats to Philadelphia, but officers are keeping in close contact with local businesses.
Jim Kenney: President Trump Has Emboldened People 'To Carry Out Their Prejudices, Their Hatred In Violent Ways'Kenney says President Trump's anti-immigrant and racist comments have fueled hatred in the county.
Egg Harbor Township Mayor: Allow NJ Citizens To Carry Concealed WeaponsSonny McCullough, the Mayor of Egg Harbor Township, wants New Jersey to repeal the law prohibiting citizens from carrying concealed weapons.
Safety Experts: The American Worker Should Train For Mass Shooting SituationsThe pictures are terrifying, but the mass shooting in San Bernardino is not uncommon. Unfortunately, experts say training for an active shooter is something the American worker should now do.
Ben Carson: 'Mass Shootings Shouldn't Be A Battle Over 2nd Amendment'Presidential candidate Ben Carson says the solution to mass shootings should not include infringements upon the 2nd Amendment.
Area Parents Wrestling With What To Tell, Or Not Tell, Their Children"They know what's going on," one mother says. "You try to explain that things happen, but you try and explain at the same time all the people who came to help."