Victim Still Unaccounted For in South Jersey Hit-RunThe elderly driver remembers hitting something but can’t recall what or where.
Part 4: Is It Safety, or Revenue?New Jersey's trial run for red light cameras suffered a setback earlier this summer after critics charged the "yellow" was turning to "red" too fast in some cases.
South Jersey Cops Hoping To Nab 'Pillowcase Burglars' Who Target Homes While Owners Are OutOver the last few weeks, it’s thought that 50 or more homes, from Evesham to Cinnaminson, have been broken into by what they dub "pillowcase burglars."
South Jersey Landmark 'G-Boys Garden & Christmas Center' ClosesG Boys Plaza, located on Route 70 in Marlton, NJ, has closed its doors. And as KYW's Cherri Gregg reports, the landmark will leave a hole in the community.
New Jersey Pair Charged After Getting Locked Inside Constable's Car In RadnorRadnor police say a pair of young men were three sheets to the wind when they inadvertently locked themselves inside a Pennsylvania state constable's police van.
Marlton Non-Profit Supports Returning Vets With Man's Best FriendSemper Fido is training dogs to serve vets with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
South Jersey Choreographer Lives To DancePaula Abdul's new reality show, "Live To Dance," debuts tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS and a local group is competing on the show.
Three South Jersey Towns Arrange A Single Trash-Hauling ContractA Marlton, NJ trash hauling firm has been awarded a five-year contract to handle refuse for three Camden County towns in what’s becoming an ever-increasing trend: municipalities teaming up to get the best bang for their tax buck.