Sentencing For Woman In GoFundMe Scam PostponedThe scam raised $400,000.
Mark D'Amico Pleads Not Guilty In GoFundMe ScamA man charged with scamming GoFundMe donors out of more than $400,000 with a fake feel-good story about a homeless veteran has pleaded not guilty.
Mark D'Amico Indicted For Alleged Role In $400,000 GoFundMe ScamD'Amico has pleaded not guilty in connection to the scam.
Johnny Bobbitt Receives Multi-Year Drug Treatment Probation Sentence For Role In $400,000 GoFundMe ScamJohnny Bobbitt has been accepted into a drug program and faces five years of probation as part of his plea deal.
Homeless Veteran At Center Of Alleged GoFundMe Scam Wanted For Missing Court DateA homeless veteran at the center of an alleged GoFundMe scandal is wanted by authorities for not showing up to court on Tuesday.
Mark D'Amico, Man Charged In Alleged GoFundMe Scam, Could Face Jail Time Over Traffic TicketsA prosecutor in Burlington County said Monday that Mark D'Amico could serve as long as 30 days for driving with a suspended license three times spanning March 2017 to May 2018.
Homeless Veteran Johnny Bobbitt Appears In Court For Alleged Role In GoFundMe ScamProsecutors say the trio created a GoFundMe campaign that raised more than $400,000 and then used the money for personal items.
Lawyer For Woman Accused Of GoFundMe Scam Involving Homeless Vet Releases RecordingIn the recording, McClure says D'Amico was behind the alleged scam that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe.
Woman Accused Of GoFundMe Scam Involving Homeless Vet Duped By Boyfriend, Attorney SaysThey raised $400,000, which authorities say was spent on luxury items and casino trips.
'Crystal Clear': Mark D'Amico Says Answers Coming In Johnny Bobbitt GoFundMe CaseThe Burlington County prosecutor is investigating Mark D'Amico and Katelyn McClure over a GoFundMe page they set up for Johnny Bobbitt.
Mark D’Amico, Man Accused Of Taking Money From Homeless Vet’s GoFundMe, Arrested On Traffic WarrantOfficials say Mark D’Amico was arrested Monday night for an outstanding traffic warrant out of Burlington City.