ACLU: Nearly 38,000 Marijuana-Related Arrests In New Jersey, Jumps 35% Over Four YearsThe ACLU-NJ published the data — based on FBI crime figures — showing nearly 38,000 arrests for cannabis possession, distribution or both in 2017, up from about 28,000 in 2013.
Marijuana Not Helpful In Treating Mental Health Problems, Research SaysMarijuana doesn't appear to be very helpful for mental health issues, according to new research.
Police Burn Approximately $100,000 Worth Of Marijuana Found In Swimming Pool At Beaver County HomePolice raided a house in Franklin Township and found a huge crop of plants growing inside what used to be a swimming pool.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Backs Legalizing MarijuanaAttorney General Josh Shapiro said in a Friday statement on Twitter that he changed his mind after months of internal research and discussions with law enforcement colleagues.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Now Supports Legalizing Marijuana For Recreational UseWolf is asking lawmakers to state lawmakers to consider legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
Bill To Legalize Marijuana In Delaware Gets Initial Committee HearingA bill to legalize marijuana in Delaware is getting its first committee hearing in the legislature after a failed effort to pass a similar bill last year.
Joe Biden: 'Nobody Should Be In Jail For Smoking Marijuana'Joe Biden supports decriminalizing marijuana, a Biden campaign spokesman told CNN.
New Jersey To Ask Voters In 2020 If Recreational Use Of Marijuana Should Be LegalizedA measure to legalize recreational weed for those 21 and over while also allowing marijuana-related convictions to be wiped clean failed to get enough support in March.
Smoking Weed Can Motivate You To Exercise, Study FindsHealth experts say smoking pot could actually motivate someone to get to the gym.
'This Fight Is Not Over': New Jersey Lawmakers Postpone Vote On Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana After Falling Short On SupportState Senate President Steve Sweeney said in a statement that despite not having the votes today, "this fight is not over."
New Jersey Lawmakers To Weigh Bill Legalizing Recreational CannabisNew Jersey would join 10 states and the District of Columbia in legalizing the drug, if the measure becomes law.
Customs Agents Seize Over 600 Pounds Of Marijuana Worth $2.5 Million At Philadelphia PortCustoms agents make one of the largest seizures of marijuana at Port of Philadelphia.
'It's A Serious Degree': Students Across US Now Majoring In Marijuana At CollegesThe expected boom in cannabis-related jobs has colleges responding with a range of offerings.
Pets Accidentally Ingesting Marijuana On Rise As States Legalize Medical, Recreational Use, Veterinarians SayPets getting marijuana is extremely dangerous and veterinarians say it’s happening more often because pot is legalized in a growing number of states.
Councilman Wants Voters To Decide Whether Philadelphia Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Usage"I want to hear from you, the voters, on whether this is a good or bad idea."