Jeffrey Lord: Republican Establishment Coming Around To TrumpConservative author and commentator, Jeffrey Lord, said the Republican establishment is coming around to the idea that Donald Trump will be the nominee.
Zeoli Show 03.02.16Rich discussed Super Tuesday results, Ben Carson not continuing and Lindsey Graham's comments about rallying behind Cruz. He also discussed flu shots, Super Tuesday results and Rubio's denial. Rich spoke with Jeffrey Lord at 4:30pm and Congressman Sensenbrenner at 5:20pm.
Political Writer: Republican Leaders Still Paralyzed By Donald TrumpAB Stoddard, from The Hill, explains that the Republican Party remains in a state of panic as to how to deal with Donald Trump's candidacy.
6 Takeaways From Super TuesdayDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton didn't win their parties' nominations on Super Tuesday -- but they both became much harder to beat.
Roger Stone: Plan Already In Place To Take Nomination Away From TrumpRoger Stone says Republican insiders are already angling to steal the nomination from Donald Trump at the convention later this year in Cleveland.
Reporter Explains Christie's Endorsement Of Trump As Politically MotivatedReporter and author Matt Katz says Chris Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump is motivated by sheer opportunism.
Zeoli Show Log 02.26.16In for Rich, Rick discussed last night's GOP debate, rap music leading to underage sex and Trump insulting Hugh Hewitt.
Oops! Donald Trump Misspells Honor, Choker On TwitterTrump slammed "lying Ted Cruz" and "leightweight chocker" Marco Rubio.
Political Pundit: Trump Has Captured Spirit Of The MomentJohn Hayward from Breitbart said after final Republican debate before Super Tuesday that Donald Trump has 'captured the spirit of the moment.'
Zeoli Show Log 02.24.16Rich discussed what should be the legal voting age, Trump's win in the Nevada caucuses and Kasich's honest comments about not being President. He also discussed Marco Rubio's anti-prostitution stance, Erin Andrews stalker situation and Donald Trump throwing blows at Ted Cruz. Rich spoke with Roger Stone at 4pm and Kathleen Willey at 5:20pm.
Trump Notches Another Win As Rubio Bids To Elbow Past CruzNotching three in a row, Donald Trump decisively won Nevada's Republican caucuses Tuesday as Marco Rubio bid to elbow out Ted Cruz for second place in an increasingly urgent effort to slam the brakes on the Trump juggernaut.
Ed Rendell Sees Trump And Clinton Close To Party NominationsEd Rendell predicts an easy path for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to win their parties nominations for President.
Zeoli Show Log 02.23.16Rich discussed a brawl involving Union Leader Dougherty, Obama's Guantanamo Bay plan, and Trump's comment to a protester. He also discussed Joe Biden's past concerning the SCOTUS, whether Rubio and Cruz are Hispanic and Cornel West believing Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics. Rich spoke with Gov. Ed Rendell at 4:30pm.
Writer: Trump Is Not InevitableNational Review's John Fund says, despite media reports, Donald Trump is not the inevitable Republican nominee.
UPenn Newspaper Video Sparks Controversy Between Cruz, RubioPresidential candidate Ted Cruz's communications director's resignation Monday was sparked by a video posted online by the University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper.