Universities Use Video To Sell CourseworkIt's becoming increasingly common at North American universities to have faculty create videos about their courses to attract students.
Kids' Interest In Baseball WaningLittle League teams are struggling to attract players and baseball is less popular with other age groups as well.
Finland Seeks To Improve Its Outstanding SchoolsWith leading student test scores, the country has been the envy of world education experts. Now, there's a national initiative to get better yet.
Study Finds Newly Hired Teachers Are SmarterA new study found improvements in combined math and language scores on the SATs for newly certified and newly hired teachers.
Baltimore Police Work With Black Youth To Ease TensionsThe Inner Harbor Project helps police and teens understand each other, with officers charged with making the kids feel part of the community.
Work Colleges Might Work To Reduce CostsBecause maintaining colleges with all their services is so expensive, work colleges as a model are getting more attention.
Low-Income Kids Widely Absent From Pre-KCities are spending millions of dollars on early education for their neediest children; but in many places, those kids are not showing up.
DC Teachers Visit Students' HomesTeachers in the DC district's new Family Engagement Partnership visit students' homes in an effort to improve engagement and raise achievement.
Women Woven Into HistoryMarch is National Women's History Month and the 35th anniversary of the History Project.
Food Trust Having Positive Impact On Childhood ObesityAccording to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, obesity among children in Philadelphia has declined due to efforts by The Food Trust.
Teaching About Onlookers' Role In The HolocaustThe Holocaust Museum in Washington has organized a nontraditional exhibit for classroom instruction: the study of onlookers.
Badges May Provide Job Credentials For College Graduates<em>The Chronicle of Higher Education</em> reports that there has been a movement for badges and other forms of "microcredentials" to ready students for jobs.
Albert Einstein RememberedThis week, scientists celebrate Albert Einstein's birthday.
More Black Families HomeschoolingAccording to the National Home Education Research Institute, 220,000 African American children are currently being homeschooled.
Some Virginia High School Students Learning First Amendment FirsthandEditors of a school newspaper in Fairfax, VA decided to highlight free speech on the cover. They've learned their lessons well.