Abington-Jefferson Health Makes It Easier, Safer To Register For Outpatient TestsHospital registration workers ask you for photo identification before providing any services. Employees at Abington-Jefferson Health now just ask for your hand.
New CDC Figures Show High Vaccination Rate For Philadelphia ChildrenPhiladelphia is racking up high numbers when it comes to the number of children being immunized.
New Book Aims To Help Teachers Handle Hot-Button TopicsTalking about politics or gun control can split a family apart. It can do the same to students in the classroom.
Philadelphia Students Hold Dance Marathon To Support Sick Children At CHOPStudents at Nazareth Academy High School will be dancing from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. Friday at "Naz-A-Thon."
Color The World Orange: Raising Awareness For Chronic Pain Condition That Can Last A LifetimeComplex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, affects four times as many women as men.
Rehab Center To Give Some Patients Follow-Ups For LifeA local rehab center is now planning to follow certain patients for a lifetime.
Local Hospital Giving Away Hand-Knitted Breast Prostheses To Cancer SurvivorsA local hospital is giving away hand knitted items to help cancer survivors feel better about themselves.
University Finds Unique Way To Help Puerto Rico Recover After Hurricane MariaMore than 8,000 acres of crops were destroyed in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria devastated the island.
Diabetics May Be Scrambling After Insulin Pump Maker Calls It QuitsA local company that makes and sells insulin pumps has decided to discontinue the product.
Baby Boomers Are Drowning In Student Loan DebtPeople 60 years and older are the fastest growing age group for student loans.
Expert Discusses Difficulties Of Navigating Health System, How To Get HelpWhen you're sick and tired, trying to make appointments or figure out medical bills can be overwhelming.
Expert Warns To Get Your Shot Now Before Bad Flu Season ArrivesWhen predicting how bad the flu season is going to be, there are two things to consider according to Dr. Thomas Fekete.
Miles For Migraine Aims To Raise Much-Needed Money For Research TreatmentsThe fifth annual Philadelphia Miles for Migraine event takes place Saturday, and you can help raise awareness and money to help those suffering.
Mild Temps, Rain This Summer Should Make For Vibrant Autumn LeavesIf you love the colors of autumn, you're in luck. The leaf colors should be rich and diverse this year.
The Flu Shot Isn't The Only Shot You May NeedYou know your kids and grand-kids need immunizations, but you need to roll up your sleeves as well.