Murnaghan Family: Sarah Makes Important Step Towards RecoveryThe family of the 10-year-old Newtown Square girl who received two lung transplants in June shared some good news Thursday.
Delaware County Lung Transplant Patient Undergoes Diaphragm SurgeryThe 10-year-old Delaware County girl who had two lung transplants in the last month underwent another surgery Tuesday.
Murnaghan Family: Sarah Had To Have Second Transplant After First Set Of Lungs FailedThe Murnaghan family is speaking out for the first time since 10-year-old Sarah underwent lung transplant surgery.
Lung Transplant Patient, Sarah Murnaghan, ResponsiveSarah's mom, Janet, posted an update on Facebook, writing that Sarah is awake and nodding "yes" and "no" to questions.
Court Hearing On Hold Over Lung Transplant RulesA court hearing over organ donation rules is on hold after the Pennsylvania girl at the center of the lawsuit received a lung transplant.
Pennsylvania Girl at Center of Transplant Debate Has Successful Lung Transplant SurgeryThe ten-year-old, critically ill Delaware County girl whose desperate search for a donor lung captured national attention has undergone a successful surgery Wednesday.
Pennsylvania Girl at Center of Transplant Debate Gets New LungThe Delaware County girl whose wait for a lung transplant captured national attention was undergoing surgery after a donor lung became available.
Transplant Group Rejects Lung Rule Changes, Creates Special Appeal And Review SystemThe national organization that manages organ transplants rejected making emergency rule changes Monday for children under 12 who are waiting on lungs, but created a special appeal and review system to hear such cases.
Transplant Group To Consider Lung Rule Changes The organization that sets national rules for organ transplants has scheduled a teleconference to discuss how lungs are allocated to young people.
Families Of Children Who Need Lung Transplants Await Potential Life-Or-Death Decision The families have asked the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network to set aside its "under 12" rule.
2nd Child In Philadelphia Sues Over Lung Transplant List A second child at a Philadelphia hospital is asking a federal judge to order that he be put on the adult waiting list for a donated lung.