Philadelphia Jobs Report: Women Own 30 Percent Of All U.S. BusinessesJill Schlesinger reports in the United States, women now own 30 percent of all businesses and that number is growing... fast.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Like Math? Consider A Career In AccountingJill Schlesinger reports the number of openings in the Accounting field is already up 19 percent in the first part of this year, according to workforce-data firm Wanted Analytics.
Education Is Essential For A Chief Nursing Executive“In the rapidly changing landscape of health care, both formal and informal education is essential,” says Jane Mericle.
Advanced Training Enhances Teaching Experience For Philadelphia Director“Without a doubt, my advanced training and certifications as a reading specialist help me and my students every day,” says Lauren Bell.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Report Names Top 25 Up And Coming Job Fields For MillennialsJill Schlesinger says the advocacy group "Young Invincibles" examined government data on pay, projected growth and the share of young people working in each job.
Philadelphia Job Market Report: The Keys To Entering The Pharmacy FieldJill Schlesinger shares the keys to entering the field of Pharmacy as October is American Pharmacists Month.
Philadelphia Executive Suggests Staying Open Minded To New IdeasPatrick Boyle would also encourage people to ask questions and be confident that they can contribute because they have a unique perspective based on their individual life experiences.
Data Security Is Constantly Evolving Says Philadelphia Security Manager“My best advice for those thinking about entering the field is to become a student of data security and compliance, as it is always evolving,” says Chris Bucolo.
Communication Is Important For A Philadelphia IT Business Owner“My education has given me the tools to communicate with senior executives and lower-level employees. Through individual presentations and group projects, I learned how to balance between being a player and a coach,” says Bob Riesenbach.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Customer Service Week Celebrates Unsung Heroes Of Workforce As the front line of companies, these workers are vital to almost every organization.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: As Of 2014, 24M Entrepreneurs In U.S.Jill Schlesinger reports as of last year, there were 24 million entrepreneurs in the United States; that's 14 percent of the population.
Healthcare Administrator Shares Career Experience And Advice"As a healthcare administrator, education is constant. A solid foundation, a proven capacity to learn complex concepts and effective written and verbal communication, as well as an understanding of basic organizational behavior."
Home Care President Recommends Staying Steadfast, Persistent, And Diligent“Stay steadfast, persistent and extremely diligent. Always educate yourself, and be curious and open-minded. With the knowledge that you build, utilize it to touch and change lives for the better,” says Chidelu Enigwe.
Philadelphia Language Arts Teachers Believes Patience Is A Necessity“Patience is necessary for both working with students directly and on the backend where the planning takes place. Schedules change, students change, timing changes—patience is the only thing that will get you through those changes,” says Willa Deitch.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Breaking Into The Insurance IndustryJill Schlesinger offers some advice about having a career in the insurance industry.