Philadelphia Jobs Report: Demand For Security Analysts IncreasingJill Schlesinger reports.
Therapist Uses Multi-Disciplinary, Collaborative Approach To Treat Children“I firmly believe that a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach is best when it comes to assessing and treating children and adolescents,” says Dr. Kate Altman.
Philadelphia Area Charter School CEO Encourages Educators To Fan The Flame"Our verse as educators is to fan that flame, not to extinguish it. If you love children, if you love to learn and if you have a growth mindset, you are ready to fan the flame of learning," encourages Nicolle Hutchinson.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Unique Ways To Earn Money Around The Holidays
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Survey Uncovers Positions With Salary Increases 5x The AverageJill Schlesinger reports the job with the biggest increase is a business systems analyst.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Employees Say Flexibility Is Number 1 Job PerkJill Schlesinger reports that in a survey by staffing firm Modis, more than 50 percent of those surveyed chose flexible work hours as the perk they most desire.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Good News For College GradsJill Schlesinger reports college students can be more thankful than ever this year. Their chances of landing a job after graduation are looking up.
Philadelphia Recruiting Executive Stays On Top Of Healthcare Changes“My goal is to stay on top of changes in healthcare, as well as every industry I work in,” says Ed Mamrak.
Philadelphia Business Director Says Finding Solutions For Clients Is Rewarding“It is always a great feeling when you see users find great value in the systems or IT infrastructure you and your team have helped to build,” says Ken Lubiski.
Philadelphia CEO Says Software Literacy Is Important To Know“Software literacy is becoming more and more important across all industries, and the next generation of business leaders will be expected to understand software in a way that current executives may not,” says Zack Stiefler.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Recruiters Report Almost Half Of All Positions Attract 50 Applicants Or LessJill Schlesinger reports that recruiters say that almost half of all positions they post attract 50 applicants or less.
Philadelphia Jobs Report: Best Paying Jobs For Average WorkerAccording to data culled by Business Insider, anesthesiologists have the best paying jobs in America.
Philadelphia GM Advocates For Self-Learning And Instruction"My education taught me to be a self-sufficient and life-long learner. You learn to acquire new knowledge without being instructed directly," says Chris McNabb.
Keeping Different Personalities Engaged Can Be Challenging“Creating a learning environment that engages and challenges a broad range of students with different learning styles, interests and needs is no small feat,” says Joel Zarrow.
Philadelphia Data Securities Expert Protects Clients' Livelihoods“Our data has become our lives. We carry it in our mobile phones and on our tablets, and when I protect people’s data, I am protecting their lives and livelihood.” says Scott Shober.