Phanatic Phans Travel To PittsburghI was in Pittsburgh yesterday for the Phillies opener in front of a record crowd at PNC Park. It was a record crowd in large part thanks to Phillies fans who made the trip.
Bryzgalov On Foot Injury: 'I'm Tough And Russian'After months and months of criticism Flyers goalie Ilya Brizgalov seems to have found himself... or at least found a way to win. And then comes the injury.
What's Up With Chase?Ryan Howard is getting better. He was taking ground balls again for a second straight day without the protective boot he’s been wearing since last month. The real mystery is Utley.
The D-Train Not Stopping In PhillyHe's such a likeable guy, has lots of charisma. Still, from the very start of spring training you could see he was in pain. The huge ice pack he wore daily like a uniform.
Peyton Manning To Broncos?Let the Speculation begin. First stop for Peyton Manning, Denver. Which raises the question 'what about Tim Tebow?'
Back To Bryzness: Round 2When you are without your top two defenseman your goalie needs to be perfect, and last night Ilya Bryzgalov was.
Back To The Basics: HittingJust back from my trip to spring training and I have to say not a lot has changed with the Phillies, the core is intact.
Laviolette's Better HalfFlyers coach Peter Laviolette is known as a tough coach who is not afraid to let his players or the refs know exactly how he feels.
Sixers Time To Shine
All Star Breaks Comes At The Perfect TimeIts now the unofficial half way point of the hockey season and for the Flyers, the All -Star break couldn't come at a better time.
Spags Watch Over, Signs With SaintsEven before he left the rams, it was rumored Steve Spagnuolo was coming to the Eagles to be the new defensive coordinator. Makes sense, he still has a home here, his wife is from here, and he says he loves it here.
No Stars, All TeamThe sixers are playing really well, winning seven of their last eight games. They are first in the Atlantic division, three games over the Celtics and two over the Knicks, and are off to their best start since 2000 (when they won ten in a row).
Why Isn't Scott Hartnell An All-Star?Most of the players and coaches don't like him. Which actually means he is doing his job. Anyone can see that Hartnell is physical and takes shots at people making him an aggravating guy to play against.
Lesley's Last Word: O'Brien's OpportunityBill O'Brien asked the alumni at Penn State to give him a chance -- and it looks like – finally -- they are.
Post 24/7, Flyers Back To Bryz-ness?The last episode of 24/7 Flyers Vs. Rangers airs tonight. Now that the cameras are off, will they get back to business as usual?