Head Of Philly FOP Shocked, Disappointed At Decision To Not Charge McCoyHead of the Philadelphia FOP, John McNesby, said other avenues will be investigated after District Attorney Seth Williams decided not to charge LeSean McCoy for his role in a brawl with off-duty police officers.
Zeoli Show Log 04.04.16Rich discussed LeSean McCoy not facing charges, a brokered convention and predicted Villanova riots. Rich spoke with Kennedy at 4:30pm abut her show on the Fox Business Channel. He also spoke with FOP President John McNesby about LeSean McCoy not facing charges at 4:45pm.
LeSean McCoy Not Charged For Alleged Assault Due To 'Insufficient Evidence'D.A. Seth Williams announced on Monday that LeSean McCoy was not charged for an alleged assault.
Sources: LeSean McCoy Not Expected To Face Charges In Alleged BrawlAngelo Cataldi discusses an update in the LeSean McCoy case on Monday.
Watch: LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson At Lakers-Warriors GameStill, no charges have been made regarding the nightclub brawl allegedly involving LeSean McCoy.
Seth Williams Says His Office Will Not Be Bullied Into Charging LeSean McCoyDA Seth Williams is speaking out as criticism mounts about the handling of assault investigation involving former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.
FOP President: 'Very Unlikely' LeSean McCoy Will Not Be ChargedThe alleged assault involving LeSean McCoy took place on February 7th and the case is still on-going.
Injured Officer's Attorney Speaks Out About Bar Brawl Allegedly Involving LeSean McCoyEyewitness News speaks with the attorney of one of the injured officers, Officer Darnell Jessie, in the bar brawl allegedly involving LeSean McCoy.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | February 24Chris discussed Donald Trump's victory in the Republican Nevada Caucus, President Obama's plan to close Guantanamo Bay, and CNN's Democratic town hall with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. He talked with Victor Fiorillo at 8:00 from Philadelphia Magazine about the investigation around an alleged altercation involving LeSean McCoy.
President Of FOP Voices Suspicions Over McCoy Lawyers Meeting With DAFOP President John McNesby question why Philadelphia DA Seth Williams would meet personally with lawyers for former Eagle LeSean McCoy regarding at incident earlier this month at a Center City bar.
LeSean McCoy And Legal Team Meet With D.A.'s Office, Attorney Says 'He Did Nothing Wrong'According to sources, LeSean McCoy and his attorneys met with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to discuss an alleged assault involving off-duty police officers earlier this month.
Zeoli Show Log 02.23.16Rich discussed a brawl involving Union Leader Dougherty, Obama's Guantanamo Bay plan, and Trump's comment to a protester. He also discussed Joe Biden's past concerning the SCOTUS, whether Rubio and Cruz are Hispanic and Cornel West believing Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics. Rich spoke with Gov. Ed Rendell at 4:30pm.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | February 23Chris discussed Ted Cruz firing of a campaign spokesperson, the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI, and a contrary narrative in the accounts of a fight between LeSean McCoy and off duty police officers. He talked with John Fund at 8:20 about the myth of Donald Trump's inevitability.
Reporter Explains 'Why Shady May Walk' On 94WIPReporter Ralph Cipriano explains his report, based on eye witnesses, which makes the case for LeSean McCoy.
Zeoli Show Log 02.19.16Rich discussed Trump's critique of the Iraq war, President Obama visiting Justice Scalai's body at the Supreme Court and Kasich's playlist. He also discussed FOP President McNesby's outrage over LeSean McCoy, the Sheridan case reopened and Trump boycotts Apple. Rich also played 'The Real or Fake' game at 5:30pm.