Doctor Recommends Eye Screening As Standard For Young StudentsDr. Pamela Gallin recommends vision screenings be taken as seriously as vaccination requirements with uniform standards. Kids who can't see, can't learn.
Singing Makes You SmarterLearning to sing promotes structural changes in the brain that help you learn.
Study: Babies Learn Best When They're Surprised"The infants' behaviors are not merely reflexive responses to the novelty of surprising outcomes but instead reflect deeper attempts to learn about aspects of the world that failed to accord with expectations," said Aimee Stahl, the study’s lead author.
Fast Food Can Affect Student LearningFindings from a national study show that fast food not only increases kids' weight but decreases test scores.
Students' Character Counts As A Predictor Of SuccessA new study from the Brookings Institution shows that character skills that improve performance can mean more to success than academic skills.
Study: 'What Will They Learn' In College? Probably Not MuchThat’s the takeaway from a new report published by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.
Study: Want To Learn Something? Spark Your Curiosity FirstWhether it’s psychology or art history, you learn better when you’re curious about something -- anything -- before hitting the books.
Too Much Time Spent In Front Of The MonitorThe study of so-called time-in-front-of-the-monitor needs to be expanded from TV and video games to hand held devices and the wide array of tools that are out there.
Study: Snow Days Don't Negatively Impact LearningNew research out of Harvard reveals<em> not</em> calling schools off for a snow day might be more detrimental to students than canceling school for the weather.
Singing Improves Brain's Ability To LearnLearning to sing promotes structural changes in the brain that help you learn.
Study Suggests Learning New Skills May Keep Aging Minds SharpGetting older and want to keep your mind sharp? It seems that crossword puzzles and reading just won’t cut it.