New Study On Pregnancy And MiscarriageThe study brings up an important conversation for you and your physician.
Teens And Technology UseThe numbers are quite dramatic: nearly three-fourths of all teens have smartphones.
New Report On Sugar-Sweetened BeveragesThe volume of soda was particularly important and there were some subtle findings.
Studies: Mockery Of Obesity Can Have Short Term, Long Term EffectsThe impact can be dramatic for children and according to a new report it may lead to eating disorders years late
Exercise And Heart HealthHeart disease kills one in every three Americans. More than 42 million each year die of heart disease, stroke, or a related condition.
Alcohol And Brain CellsMessages travel between brain cells by way of chemicals called neurotransmitters.
What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a form of depression that typically starts in fall and winter, when there’s less sunlight outside, and then fades away in spring and summer.
Report: Failing Sense Of Smell Might Be Associated With Declining Memory SkillsMore research is needed and it is underway but someday a smell test might be used to predict potential memory issues.
Sugar ConsumptionThere are all sorts of recommendations to reduce sugar consumption.
Evidence, Studies And Common Sense DataA great deal of the decision making in medicine these days is based on evidence and studies but there are still many things that make sense and have not been tested over time or studied extensively.
New Year's Eve SafetyOne piece of advice is simple -- don't drink and drive. But the next few warnings you may not have thought about.
Recognizing The Symptoms Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest And Getting Medical HelpThe major lesson out of this study may be that in public education we need to consistently talk about these symptoms and the importance of not waiting for help. Time is crucial and we need to get out in front of this—get help as soon as possible.
What Is The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force?The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is a group of experts who examine the health needs of the country—virtually every condition from A to Z.
Big Changes For Medical Studies Over The Past DecadesResearch is the key to new developments and treatments in medicine and it is the lifeblood of advances. But there have been big changes over the past decades concerning who is performing many of the studies.
The Holidays And Potential Child HazardsNo one can think of all of the potential child hazards but the best protection is actually being aware of the problems.