Philly Environmental Group Recruiting People To Go To Anti-Global Warming March In NYAlthough the idea of climate change remains hugely controversial, there's a call for those who think it is an imminent threat to head to a major march next weekend.
Philadelphia's Wistar Institute Opening Its New Research BuildingOne of Philadelphia's gems gets a little more brilliant today with the opening of the new $100-million research tower.
Man Who Worked Both Sides Of Radical Muslim Fence Describes Being A FanaticHere's the story of one man who knows what jihadis are thinking, because he was one.
Local Expert Says Too Many Voices In Ray Rice Case Blaming The VictimA La Salle professor and expert in violence against women says a lot of the reaction simply blames Ray Rice's wife.
Creators Of British TV Game Show Release Second Book Of Assorted TriviaThe creators of a British quiz show are out with another book of trivia they learned along the way.
Books Offers Advice On How To React To ConflictAlthough some people seem to thrive on conflict, many of us prefer not to deal with it, and thus squander any opportunities it presents. Correcting that is where a helpful new book comes in.
'Turf War' Breaks Out Involving New Jersey Farms A group of South Jersey lawmakers are proposing a bill to defuse a struggle over the future of some deed-restricted farms and wineries.
Villanova Law Professor Granted FBI Investigation FilesA Villanova law professor has won a victory for freedom of information, as a federal judge has ordered the FBI to give him files on a long-ago investigation of a celebrity.
100th Anniversary Of Passenger Pigeon ExtinctionSeptember 1st, 2014 marks 100 years since the passenger pigeon went extinct, something thought unthinkable until it actually happened.
Local Psychologist Writes Memoir About Dealing With Mentally Ill Family MembersA memoir from a South Jersey psychologist focuses on one disease that thrives in silence.
Author Pens Book On Man Who Changed The Way Pornography Is Treated Under LawIn this age of the anything-goes internet, it may seem quaint to think of a time when someone could go to jail for publishing naughty books. But a man who actually did that helped loosen the moral strings on society.
City Program Helps Businesses Install Private Security Cameras To Assist PolicePhiladelphia residents and businesses have been helping police identify criminal suspects and even prevent crime through a surveillance camera program.
Plans Underway To Improve Delaware Waterfront's Winter AttractionThe Blue Cross River Rink is still about three months away from re-opening on the edge of the Delaware River, but for the second year it won't be alone.
Atlantic City Accentuates The Positive Amid Casino Industry Downturn"This is a milestone moment in Atlantic City, one in which consolidation in the casino industry must make way for new opportunities," said mayor Donald Guardian.
Boy Finds Prehistoric Bit of Weaponry on LBI BeachAn expert at the New Jersey State Museum says the stone point was probably attached to the business end of a two-part paleo-Indian spear, from about 10,000 years ago.