Rudy Giuliani Speaks To Northeast Philadelphia Crowd At Launch Of Italian Americans For Trump EventHe also accused Democrats of supporting coronavirus lockdown policies that go after "things they don't like," such as churches.
Joe Biden Hits President Donald Trump On Economy In Critical Pennsylvania CountyBiden blistered Trump as only pretending to care about the working-class voters who helped flip the Rust Belt to the GOP four years ago.
Biden To Hold Town Hall In Philadelphia After Trump Backs Out Of Virtual DebateThe second scheduled debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden appears to be canceled.
Trump Campaign's Pennsylvania Training Tape For Poll Watchers Tells Them Specifically Not To Challenge Every BallotThe training videos show what the Trump campaign wants its poll watchers to focus on while voters cast ballots in person and drop off mail-in ballots.
Election Stress Disorder Spreading Across US As Therapist Warns Anxiety Worse Than 2016They say the tension is even worse this time because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Joe Biden Says 'Country Is In A Dangerous Place,' Calls For Unity During Gettysburg SpeechFormer Vice President Joe Biden warned of the "cost of division" Tuesday in a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, delivering a call to turn past a moment he said is "neither good nor normal" and unify.
Judge Nixes Trump Campaign's Bid To Stop New Jersey Mail-In BallotsThe campaign said the program violated the Constitution and would “establish conditions likely to incentivize and facilitate the same kind of fraud and confusion that have plagued New Jersey elections for years.”
Joe Biden Expanding Lead Over President Trump In Pennsylvania, Poll ShowsBiden is doing well in swing counties in the Philadelphia suburbs and northeastern Pennsylvania.
Coronavirus A Major Factor For Two-Thirds Of Pennsylvania Voters, CBS News Poll ShowsIn Pennsylvania, nearly 750,000 more Democrats are registered to vote than Republicans, but Republicans have been gaining ground since 2016, narrowing that gap by more than 200,000.
Joe Biden Will Get Tested More Frequently, Continue In-Person CampaigningBiden's campaign said Saturday that it would disclose the results of every test Biden takes.
Joe Biden Tests Negative For Coronavirus Following President Donald Trump's Positive TestThere was no contact from the Trump campaign or the White House to alert the Biden campaign of possible exposure, a senior Biden campaign official who was with the former vice president at the debate said.
Joe Biden Praying For President Donald Trump Following Positive Coronavirus TestTrump and Biden did not shake hands during the debate but stood without masks about 10 feet apart for the 90-minute event.
'Will You Shut Up, Man' Becomes An Official Biden Campaign T-ShirtThe phrase was printed over a picture of President Donald Trump.
Philadelphia Suburbs 'Critical To Any Democrat Looking To Carry Pennsylvania' As Polls Suggest Joe Biden LeadingPolls suggest Biden will pick up Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. But, polls aren’t always reliable, as we know from 2016.
Margaret Brennan On First Presidential Debate: 'I Would Love Our Country To Have A Serious Conversation About Where We Are Headed'The Face The Nation host and CBS News foreign correspondent shares her thoughts on the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.