Revisiting Media Coverage Of JFK Assassination, 50 Years LaterIn the wake of the JFK assassination 50 years ago today, Philadelphia TV and radio stations provided massive coverage.
Former Navy Head Football Coach, Player Remember Team's Special Relationship With JFKJFK was a hero in the U.S. Navy and a big sports fan, especially football. Two local men remember their time with Navy football and the day the world turned upside down.
Nephew Of JFK Reflects On Assassination, Welcomes A New Kennedy While the nephew of JFK remembers that faithful day, he is also welcoming a new Kennedy.
JFK Assassination, 50 Years Later: TV News Would Never Be The SameThe shots that killed President Kennedy 50 years ago tomorrow changed the nation in many profound ways. One was that television became the go-to place for news.
As 50th Anniversary Of JFK Assassination Approaches, Local Witness ReflectsFifty years ago, as an 11-year-old, it's the place where she became a witness to the horrific.
JFK Assassination, 50 Years Later: Recordings From Air Force One FoundAs we look at this area's connection to the assassination of President Kennedy, which happened 50 years ago Friday, we look back on a piece of the story that almost got away.
JFK Assassination, 50 Years Later: Slain President Still Widely MemorializedIn South Jersey, one of the best known uses of the name "Kennedy" is the Kennedy Health System.
JFK Assassination, 50 Years Later: Alternate Theories PersistNew York Times reporter Philip Shenon says the Kennedy assassination probe was mishandled by the Warren Commission.