Former CIA, NSA Director: Obama Wiretapping Trump 'Never Happened'Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden assessed Donald Trump's claims that he was illegally monitored by the Obama Administration.
Rich Zeoli Show 02/22/17Rich kicked off the show talking about the soda tax and how it is hurting businesses. Rich then talked with Fox News reporter, James Rosen. They discussed the issues he had with the Obama administration and his thoughts on people saying Trump is attacking the 1st Amendment. Rich also discussed the news that Chris Christie is considering becoming a sports talk host in NY. Next Rich looks at Reporter April Ryan who accused the President of using racist language he never actually used . Rich also looked at a CNN panel that went off the rails discussing whether Trump was an Antisemitic. Rich kicked off the 5PM hour talking with Kelly Johnston, the VP of Government Affairs for Campbell Soup.. They discussed his upcoming meeting at the White House. Also they discussed when it is good to throw food out. Finally Rich talked about the city of Richmond in California which voted to impeach President Trump.
Zeoli Show Log 10.17.16On today’s show, Rich discussed the possibility of collusion between the FBI and the State Department, the downside to Trump continually proclaiming that the election will be rigged, and hundreds of fans walking out on Amy Schumer after she took a turn for the political during a stand-up comedy show. At 5pm Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent, James Rosen, called in to discuss a new book that he is editor of, "A Torch Kept Lit by William F. Buckley, Jr."