Pa. Auditor General Thinks NCAA Lawsuit Will Divert Attention From Sex Abuse VictimsPennsylvania’s auditor general says he’s concerned that a lawsuit challenging the NCAA’s sanctions of Penn State will divert attention from issues raised by the child sex abuse scandal there.
Educators and Spending Watchdogs Critical of Pennsylvania 'Cyber' ChartersCritics cite a number of weaknesses with the state's existing cyber charter schools, and oppose any new ones.
Pa. Auditor General Issues Final Recommendations Related to Sandusky ScandalPennsyvlania auditor general Jack Wagner has issued his final report on the need for reform at Penn State University in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.
Pa. Auditor General Keeps Pressing Turnpike Officials On Their Financing PlanThe state auditor general has renewed his concerns that mounting debt at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will result in massive toll hikes for motorists.
Pa. Turnpike May -- Or May Not -- Be Headed For Financial Calamity, Lawmakers Told“The turnpike, quite frankly, isn’t going to survive if this continues," Pennsylvania auditor general Jack Wagner told legislators.
Pa. Auditor General Says Penn State's Presidents Are Too PowerfulAt Penn State, auditor general Jack Wagner (photo) says, the president is not only a voting member but also sits as the secretary, setting the agenda for meetings.
Pennsylvania Auditor General Targets 'Excessive' Charter School SpendingAuditor General Jack Wagner says Pennsylvania charter schools are spending a million dollars a day more than necessary.
Pa. Auditor General Renews Call For Repair of State's Rotting InfrastructureUnder a Roosevelt Boulevard extension overpass where Jack Wagner visited today, a sign on a pillar says it all: "No Parking, Falling Rock."
23-Year FBI Veteran Named As DRPA's Inspector GeneralTom Raftery has been selected to serve as the agency’s first inspector general, one of a series of reforms adopted by the DRPA more than a year ago.
Pa. Auditor Jack Wagner Says Turnpike Commission Is Headed For Financial WreckThe Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is disputing the auditor general’s warning that the agency is being crushed by debt because of its obligations to provide funding for statewide transportation needs.
Part 1: Controversy In HarrisburgKYW's Michelle Durham reports on the disagreement among Pennsylvania leaders on whether changing the system of liquor sales in the state is a good idea.