Apple Gets Into New Territory: The WristwatchApple's big product announcements typically are nothing short of a spectacle, and today's event was no exception.
Beyoncé CD Rollout Has Major Brick-and-Mortar Retailers MiffedRetailers are expected to begin selling Beyoncé's new CD this weekend, but Target has decided not to stock it.
App Provides Soundtrack For Your Walk Along The Race Street PierIt’s called Animina, and it’s currently available in the iTunes Store for 99 cents.
Djay 2 AppThe djay 2 app lets you slip into the headphones of a club DJ, using your tablet or phone to blend and mix songs on your playlist.
Digital Versus Analog Debate Continues, Ten Years After iTunes Release Ten years ago this week, Apple released iTunes. We've since bought more than 25 billion songs from the music store, but the digital-versus-analog debate still rages.
iTunes Celebrates A Decade, Faces New ChallengesWhen Apple launched its iTunes music store a decade ago amid the ashes of Napster, the music industry — reeling from the effects of online piracy — was anxious to see how the new music service would shake out.
Michael Vick's Poorly Timed Release Of His V7 AppMichael Vick releases his new app, the day after the team loses their 7th straight game.
Apps Help Navigate Holiday DealsThere are a number of apps available to help shoppers navigate deals, leave tips and advice for other shoppers, compare prices and find family members after a long day of shopping.
BLOG: 15 % Off iTunes Gift Cards at Best Buy
3 On Your Side: Saving Money By Streaming Video And TV ShowsWeb video is all the craze these days. Movies, shows and more, and it can save you money on your cable bill! But figuring out how it works can be confusing.
App DealsThere are over a half million apps in the App Store – and prices fluctuate all the time. Well now, there's an app to keep up with the sales.