Waitress Has To Give Back Big TipCompany policy requires a Waffle House waitress to return a huge tip - possibly because her accepting it would have had huge tax implications.
It’s Tax Deadline DayIt's April 15th and that means time is almost out to file your taxes.
The Legalities Of BarteringFrom babysitting services to the sale of computers, the value of products and services bartered is estimated to be more than $8 billion. Uncle Sam still gets a cut.
IRS Issues Warning About Tax ScamIf you get a call claiming to be from the IRS saying you owe more tax money which you need to send immediately or face arrest, the IRS says don't fall for it.
Tax Filers Across Pennsylvania Get Deadline Extension Because of Web Problems In both Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania, tax deadlines have been extended by one day due to government web site problems.
Deadline To File Your Taxes Just Hours AwayIf you haven't filed your taxes yet you better hurry! Midnight is the deadline.
Basic Errors That Can Delay Your Tax RefundMillions of people are getting a jump on filing their tax returns now that they have received their W-2s and 1099 forms. And for most, the incentive to get moving is to get that tax refund in their bank account as soon as possible.
Free Income Tax Help Again Available For Low-Income PhiladelphiansThe Campaign for Working Families in Philadelphia says now is the time to get ready.
IRS Warns Early Filers To Wait For Late Tax Law Changes The new tax laws didn't take effect until January 2nd, and IRS forms had to be changed and software updated.
CPA Has Advice For People Who Have Not Filed Taxes For YearsA new tax season is underway and if you haven't filed for years, it's not too late to come clean with the IRS.
Pennsylvania Still Looking For Sales Tax From Online PurchasersIf you would pay sales tax on an item in a brick-and-morter store, Pennsylvania wants you to pay sales tax when you make a purchase online.