What Is Methamphetamine?Methamphetamine is part of the family of drugs known as amphetamines. This illegal drug is like speed, but is stronger and more addictive. It's called "crystal meth" or "ice" because it looks like shards of crystal with light shining through.
With Power Outages Lingering, Gloucester County Sets Up 2 Distribution Centers For Water And IceResidents can go to two locations to pick up supplies.
Zeoli Show Log 3.5.15Rich covers a New York Times story on Iran and ISIS, a controversy at the University of Texas and a cop who is in trouble for a Facebook post. He talks to a student writer from USA Today, Dr. Mazz, and author Kirk Honeycutt.
Weather Closes Penn State For First Time In 8 YearsThe university says dining halls will remain open Wednesday and a 6 p.m. men's basketball game is still on, but the library and fitness facilities are closed.
Community Cancellations: Monday, March 2CBS Philly has received the following community cancellations for Monday, March 2, 2015.
Icy Conditions Continue OvernightEven though the precipitation will end, untreated surfaces will remain icy overnight into Monday morning.
Local Doctor Warns With More Ice, Comes More Falls, Comes More InjuriesWith an ice storm sweeping across the Delaware Valley, on top of the already frozen roads and sidewalks, driving and walking is more dangerous.
Fire Rages Through Building In West Kensington, Market Frankford Line Service DisruptedSEPTA is running buses between Huntingdon and Berks along the Market Frankford Line until further notice.
Refreezing Concerns As Crews Get Roads Ready For Morning CommutePennDOT is preparing roads in the area for when temperatures drop below freezing overnight.
Cape May-Lewes Ferry Shut Down By Ice, WindThe Cape May-Lewes Ferry has halted operations because of ice and wind.
Philadelphia Ice Sculptor Carves 'Ice Goddess' On MLK DriveOne local ice sculptor got creative with all the ice and snow hanging around the Philadelphia area.
L&I Deems Building Frozen After Fire 'Imminently Dangerous,' Must Be DemolishedL&I commissioner Carlton Williams says that if the owner cannot demolish the building, then the City will do so.
Pass On The Salt When Walkways Turn IcySalt is very tough on plants and other ice melters have limits too. Try sand instead.
Lincoln Drive Reopened After Big Ice ProblemCity trucks are out early Tuesday, getting another round of salt down on the road and hoping to eliminate any more icing problems.
Frozen: Kate Bilo Dives Into Ice Rescue TrainingAs temperatures plunge tonight, you might think those icy ponds are frozen solid and safe. Don't be fooled. As Eyewitness Weather meteorologist Kate Bilo found out when she joined a local fire department for ice rescue training, ice that looks solid can be a death trap.