Schools Must Heal, Not PunishSchools that undertake supportive, compassionate, and solution-oriented discipline methods have seen a 20 to 40 percent drop in suspensions in their first year.
Bus Gets Students To Ponder Dropout DangersStatistics show that during the school year 2011-12 the number of dropouts fell to 14 from 33 in 2007-2008. A dramatic school bus initiative seems to be making a difference.
Making Invisible Histories VisibleMaking Invisible Histories Visible was developed to motivate 9th graders at high risk of dropping out in the Omaha Public Schools to adjust to the demands of high school by connecting the community to subjects they study in class.
The North Carolina Early College Model WorksWith its 9th 'early-college' opening this fall, Guilford County, N.C. leads the nation and has increased its high school graduation rates, boasting 100% this past school year.
Effects Of School AbsenceResearch shows that one in ten in kindergarten and first grade students miss a month of school with both excused and unexcused absences. By middle and high school the rates of chronic absence, missing 10% of school days, are even higher.
Camden County Community College Offers Free Classes For High School DropoutsThe Gateway to College program at Camden County Community College is part of a nationwide effort sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates to get teens and young adults back into the classroom to finish their degrees.
Disparities In School DisciplineAn article in <em>Education Week</em> points out that “zero tolerance” policies and other harsh school discipline practices unfairly target students from racial, gender and ethnic groups.
What's A Dropout?We all know about the consequences of dropping out -- for the individual, schools and society. Yet, in attacking the problem the first hurdle is the definition.
Education For Juvenile OffendersWhile problems of juvenile offenders are very complex, studies show teaching kids to read well in the early grades and strong literacy instruction for those incarcerated can stem the dropout crisis and wasted lives in prisons.
The Dropout ProblemOf the developed countries in the world, the US ranks number 18 with high school graduates. Research shows that youth from low income families drop out at 6 times the rate of those from higher income families.