Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet Go Beyond Weight ControlThere are many diets but the Mediterranean Diet is more of a lifestyle than a diet and it's good for more than just controlling your weight.
Living With Atrial FibrillationIt sounds frightening but many people with atrial fibrillation live long, active lives. Still, it shouldn't be ignored.
Increased Waistline Means Increased RiskSome experts are suggesting that increased waist circumference should be added to heart risk assessment tools, like cigarette smoking and high cholesterol.
Study: Even A Half Hour Of Exercise, 4 Times A Week Improves Heart HealthThose with better cardio-respiratory performance had a 50% reduction in risk of dying over those who had poor cardiac performance.
Mouth Bacteria Indicator Of Heart DiseaseCould the bacteria in your mouth be associated with heart risk?
Music May Have Medicinal BenefitA new report looks at an inexpensive but quite effective method to reduce the stress associated with heart disease.
Study: Bad Marriage, Broken HeartOlder couples in bad marriages have a higher risk for heart disease than those in good marriages, according to a first-of-its-kind study funded by the National Institute of Aging.
Poor People Who Make Inexpensive Food Choices Pay A PriceWe all know that many Americans go hungry every day and hunger can lead people to buy more inexpensive foods they know are not good for their health.
Preventive Measures Against Heart Disease And Strokes Are WorkingA recent study found that major advances over the past decade in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke appear to be paying off.
A Little Running Can Make A Big DifferenceMost of us were told that you had to run long distances to get that health edge. Not true.
Emotions Influence HealthDepression, stress, anxiety, and other emotional states really do affect your cardiovascular health.