Be Careful When Giving Personal Information To Popular Diet And Fitness Apps, Experts WarnMore than 80% of dieters are foregoing help from nutritionists and trainers in favor of do-it-yourself options like diet and fitness apps.
Information On Probiotic Labels Lack Basic Data Consumers Need, Study FindsResearchers say the best way to know you're getting the kind of probiotic you want is to look for a label that lists the family, species and strain of the live bacteria.
Flossing, Brushing Your Teeth Could Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, Study FindsThe bacteria that causes gum disease can move from the mouth to the brain.
Laundry Detergent Pods Continue To Poison Children And Adults At Alarming Rate, Experts SayEight deaths were associated with ingestion of the packets. -- two in children under 1 year old and six in adults with a history of dementia.
With CBD Products Gaining Popularity, FDA Considering Regulating The IndustryThe FDA on Friday held its first hearing on regulating CBD products that are made from cannabis compounds.
Energy Drinks Cause Heart Problems, Changes In As Little As 3 Hours, Study FindsThere's more proof that popular energy drinks can cause heart problems.
'No One Seems To Have An Answer': Veterans Face Increased Risk Of Developing ALS, But Researchers Don't Know WhyVeterans face an increased risk for ALS -- Lou Gehrig's Disease -- no matter where they served or when.
'It's Given Me A Support Group': Operation Game On Helping Veterans With PTSD Find Peace Through GolfTeeing off isn't always easy, but veteran Jake Kessler says playing golf is helping him in ways he never imagined.
Legionnaires’ Disease Contributed To 5 Deaths In New Jersey, Health Officials SayTwenty-two confirmed cases of the disease have been reported in Union County, including five deaths.
'Don't Fry Day' Preaches Sun Safety Ahead Of Memorial Day WeekendThe National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has a message for everyone on Don’t Fry Day.
Blue Light From Phones, Computers Isn't All Bad, It Can Even Be Therapeutic, Experts SayYou've heard about the dangers linked to blue light emitted from computers and phones, but experts say it isn't all bad.
'It's A Miracle I'm Still Here': Electric Skull Cap Helping Brain Cancer Patients Live Longer, Doctors SayDoctors say an electric skull cap called Optune is helping brain cancer patients live longer.
After-School Medical Program Molding Doctors, Nurses Of The FutureFifth graders from Logan Elementary stopped by Einstein's Simulation Center to get hands-on experience working with life-like 3D robotic mannequins.
Drinking Too Much Fruit Juice Dramatically Increases Risk Of Premature Death, Study FindsA new study says drinking too much fruit juice can dramatically increase the risk of premature death.
Women Who Eat Low-Fat Diet Have Significantly Lower Risk Of Death From Breast Cancer, Study FindsA new study shows women who follow a balanced, low-fat diet with increased fruits, vegetables and grains have a 21% lower risk of death from breast cancer.