Doctors Expect Flu Season To Ramp Up Fast, Urge Everyone To Get Vaccinatedbut doctors expect it to ramp up fast.
Study: Over 50% Of School-Age Children In US Not Getting Nearly Enough SleepThe study was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference.
Study: Millions Of Americans Putting Coworkers At Risk By Going To Work SickNew research says 90% of employees admit they've gone to work with cold or flu symptoms.
More Research Links Being Physically Active To Being Happier, More OptimisticWhatever has you feeling blue, a simple fix could simply be to get moving.
Leading Medical Groups Calling For 16-Year-Old Immunization Visits In Attempt To Get More Teens VaccinatedData shows only 44% of kids complete the meningitis vaccine by their 18th birthday.
Chocolate Chip Cookies Can Induce Cravings Similar To Addictive Drugs Like Cocaine, Researchers SayScientists say it's the combination of ingredients in chocolate chip cookies that can make them as addictive as a drug.
Cancer Support Community Holding 'Unmasking Cancer' Event To Help Patients, Raise AwarenessThe Cancer Support Community, an agency that helps thousands of cancer patients and their families with a variety of free programs, is hosting "Unmasking Cancer."
Study: Students Aren't Getting Enough Time To Eat LunchThe study says when kids are pressed for time the could be losing out on important nutrition.
Pennsylvania Health Officials Confirm Vaping-Related Death In StatePennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine is recommending people not to vape.
Doctor Sues Fertility Clinic After Discovering He Has At Least 17 Unknown Children From Sperm He Donated Decades AgoDr. Bryce Cleary discovered that he has at least 17 unknown children after donating sperm three decades ago.
Owning Pets, Especially Dogs, Linked To Healthier Hearts, Research SaysThe greatest health boost was for dog owners.
Former NFL Player Merril Hoge Puts Weed Killer Roundup Under Scrutiny Again With New LawsuitLawsuits continue to mount claiming that the popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer.
Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier, Partially Due To Rise In BMI, Study SaysGirls aren't alone in hitting puberty earlier, according to a new study.
FDA Launches Nearly $60 Million Campaign To Educate Teenagers About Dangers Of E-CigarettesThe FDA is targeting about 11 million at-risk teens in a new multimedia campaign.
Pennsylvania Adding Anxiety Disorders, Tourette's Syndrome As Qualifying Conditions For Medical MarijuanaThe heath secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, announced Thursday she'll be adding them as of July 20.